Your Difference Creates

That’s called choice.

Many people don’t know they have choice. Listen to Susanna share her thoughts on choice and difference. Claim, own and acknowledge your power of difference. 

On today’s podcast:

– What if you know that you have the choice to change the direction of your future in every moment?
What if you could choose new in every 10 seconds?
What if you relax within your potency and allow it to facilitate you to create change?
How can you use your difference as a resource?
Where have you capsulated your difference?
Are you willing to be different?

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  1. Harveen Ahluwalia says:

    Phenomenal call.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  2. Hahaha!! I so love you Susanna Mittermaier!! Best laugh I’ve had all day!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I was never permitted to BE the angry I sometimes BE … learning it’s okay for me to be angry and not BEing ready to forgive and forget … I’m going to go find Kiss The Ground now 🙂 Harmonious Living for us all💡🌎♥️💜🌈🙏🌈💜♥️🌎💡no more BEing mean … #UnleashMyDifference … please show me how Universe Earth Body ⏱

  3. Elena Maria Zappia says:

    GRAZIE !


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