You are not alone

Aloneness is not actually a reality, it is a construct that gets created from your point-of-view and separation. You can create aloneness, but you can not be alone. If you want to stop feeling alone, stop creating the point-of-view that you are alone.

Today, Susanna shares why we feel alone and how we can stop it. Are you rejecting what the universe is trying to contribute to you? Are you choosing what’s true for you? Listen to Susanna breakdown aloneness and the choices we make that cause us to feel this way.

On today’s podcast:

– What could you receive from the universe contributing itself to you?
– How did I create this? How did I choose this?
– Is this really what I would like to choose?
– What’s true for me?
– What if you don’t look at how your life is supposed to be, but what is uniquely fun for you?
– Are you alone or are you creating aloneness?


– 3 Online Calls! “Mental Illness- ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety. What is it? How can you use it as a resource?”

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