What do you think you need?

So many times we look at what we don’t do or don’t do enough.

We seldom look at what is and what we’re creating, but acknowledging these things is a big key to having more of you and nurturing what you want your future to look like. In order to receive more, it requires you to acknowledge what you already have, be and do for the world.

Listen to Susanna explain how to properly acknowledge true needs.

On today’s podcast:

– What if you truly acknowledge what you bring to the world?
What can you contribute to today?
Are you investing in your future when you pay for something?
Where in your life do you think you need something or someone and how much are you putting yourself in the lack position?
What have you decided you need that you actually don’t?
Do you really need something or are you inventing the need?

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  1. Susanna Mittermaier says:

    That is wonderful to hear, Patrizia!
    Hope to see you soon again too!

  2. Patrizia Clementi Bosson says:

    Thanks Susanne, your are i judges inspiration for my life and work since November 2019!!
    Hope see you soon 😊
    Patrizia Clementi

  3. Susanna Mittermaier says:

    That is so so wonderful to hear, Gaynor!
    I love the way you put it!
    Enjoy being you!

  4. Gaynor Drinkrow says:

    Susanna love your podcast you are a wee pocket rocket,

    Thank you for being you

    You always make me smile
    Much gratitude
    Gaynor xx.

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