Right Voice For You

Would you like more ease talking in front of other people?

Do you judge your voice?

Do you freeze when you try to express yourself?

Is it difficult for you to give talks and lectures?

Right Voice for You is a workshop that supports people to find their voice in the world and to express themselves in front of other people.

These workshops help you to release what stops you:

– writing with your own voice (books, articles)
– giving successful talks
– selling effectively
– communicating constructively (with colleagues, partners, family)
– discovering your own unique creative talents with business.


This is where you will find Susanna’s courses and events. This calendar is constantly updated. If you don’t find what you are looking for today, it may well be there tomorrow. We look forward to you and to your desire for something different!

If you have questions about the classes, and what your next step might be, please contact us info@susannamittermaier.com

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Apr 23

Show Up as You!

09:30 o'clock
Access ConsciousnessRight Voice For You