Pragmatic Psychology

Have you ever fitted in anywhere? Are you just different, and have you always been different?

Do you see the world differently?

What if this difference could be a possibility, not a curse? Is now the time to find out what greatness you have to offer the world, and how you can let go of the necessity of having to be normal?

What capacities could you discover hidden beneath your so-called inadequacies, when you start to ask questions?

About Pragmatic Psychology…

Pragmatic Psychology had its beginnings in Sweden. Its goal is to shed light on capacities and potentials that may be hidden behind classical diagnoses.

The premise of Pragmatic Psychology is that it sees different behavioural problems not as problems, but as talents and potentials and it no longer classifies the people with these “problems” as ill.

What if someone with autism, someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder, someone with ADHD, depression or anxiety is just someone who is different, and that difference can actually be a possibility?

Making the impossible possible

Susanna began to look, and discovered something quite different. She questioned the things that are accepted as true and discovered new things. She turned concepts into questions, that invited possibilities from difficulties.

Pragmatic Psychology is about asking questions and with those questions seeing whether existing conclusions are actually valid. This is how the capacities beneath the “problems” can be explored, and how possibilities can be created for the individual that are greater than what we can do when we try to control the behaviour.

Every human being has their own type of crazy.

There are several classes within Pragmatic Psychology:

The Basic Course

This is the course for everyone who wants to learn how to use their difference to their advantage, to create their life as successful. This course is also attended by people who work with other people and would like to learn how to facilitate another person to see their difference as a possibility, whether it’s clients, children, pupils or family members.
Duration: 1 – 2 days

Pragmatic Psychology – pragmatic practitioner

What invitation can you be for your clients to be the greatness they actually are?
Pragmatic Psychology is an invitation for people to find out what they are truly capable of and to create a life that actually works. What capacities are hiding beneath your failings? This class is for practitioners, teachers, therapists, coaches to learn more about successful facilitation.
Duration: 3 days

Susanna is invited to many international conferences to give keynote speeches about Pragmatic Psychology.


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Everyone has at least one ‘crazy’ person in their life, right (even if it’s ourselves!)? And there are a lot of labels and diagnoses out there – depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, schizophrenia…What if there was a different possibility with mental illness – and what if change and happiness were a totally available reality?

Creating a Life on Planet Earth Without Trauma, Drama, Upset, and Intrigue.

Many of us were not taught how to create our lives at all; let alone creating it with joy and ease, but if you are willing to be pragmatic, if you are willing to do what works for you, you can go beyond the drama and trauma and into a world of possibilities greater than you have ever imagined.

This book is filled with tips and tools that will empower you to choose and create that.