There are so many ways to create the change you desire.

Classes are really dynamic. The people who are attending are all looking for more to change their lives. Every person in the class has their own knowing, that they often haven’t acknowledged. Every person contributes to everyone else.

Is now the time that you allow others to support you?

Are you ready to allow yourself to be the change that the world requires of you?

Susanna offers classes on many different subjects. Classes are a very dynamic way of creating change. You can participate in the classes in person or online.


This is where you will find Susanna’s courses and events. This calendar is constantly updated. If you don’t find what you are looking for today, it may well be there tomorrow. We look forward to you and to your desire for something different!

If you have questions about the classes, and what your next step might be, please contact us

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Aug 22

Image, Agenda… Out- creating it all!

20:00 o'clock
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Psychology
Aug 22

So you want to facilitate change?

09:30 o'clock
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners
Sep 22

When your Life is the Business that keeps on gifting!

11:00 o'clock
Access ConsciousnessBusiness Done Different