Susanna is a bestselling author, international speaker and HAPPY PERSON! Every day she creates and brings into being possibilities that make our world a better place. She writes books, gives courses and lectures all over the world, directs the Pragmatic Psychology centre in Vienna, and enjoys her life.

Are you asking for change? Is it time to allow yourself to have what you have been asking for? These one to one sessions can be about anything you desire! There is nothing you can’t talk about. You will receive practical tools to change your problems into possibilities. Is it time to surprise yourself, with what your capacities actually are?

Susanna offers classes on many different subjects. Classes are a very dynamic way of creating change. We inspire each other, discover that we are not alone, and get new perspectives and tools. You are very welcome to ask your questions! You can participate live in person, or online. If you would like a class that is offered in English, just ask and this can be translated into German.

Are you different? Were you always different? How can you use your difference to your advantage? What possibilities do you see that nobody else can see? What capacities are hiding behind the failings? What possibilities could be hidden beneath physical illnesses? How can you create a life that actually works?

Access Consciousness is a technique that gives you practical tools that invite you to change everything you haven’t been able to change so far. What would you like in your life?

Being you is one of the biggest keys to unlocking what you would like in your life. Would you like to open the door to the possibilities of being you in all your colours, and to discovering what a contribution you are?

What would it be like if you allowed yourself to be you in front of others, with others, without judging you – and enjoyed it? Would the whole world change? Right Voice for You is a workshop that gives you the tools to find your voice, and to share it with the world. These workshops help you to unlock what is holding you back from singing, speaking, writing, effective selling, or communicating with your own voice.

One of the biggest excuses we use to not do the things we would like to do is: “I don’t have the money for that.” How would your life be if you said goodbye to that lack mentality? We live in a world of lack and a universe of excess. Is it time to stop blocking your receiving? What if money and riches were possible for you?

Being a pragmatic futurist means you take the future into account with every decision you make. You are aware of creating a sustainable future for yourself and the world with every action, every creation. What if business people were the leaders in creating a world that works for us? Welcome to the future!