The Pragmatism of Bodies

What if there was a totally different possibility available with our bodies?

Katarina Wallentin invites us to a different perspective on being pragmatic with bodies.  

Listen to learn how to start communicating with, trusting, and receiving the magic that is possible with your body.

On today’s podcast:

– What gift are bodies to our lives?
– How can you start trusting your body?
– How do you know what your body wants?
– What movement would be fun for your body today?
– What would your body like you to know?


– Body Talk Boot Camp

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  1. josephine finocchiaro says:

    I love you both amazing BEings and Ladies!! You are brilliant 🙂

    Katarina you impress me more and more every time I BE in your presence online and I look forward to the day that I can meet you in person 🙂

    And Susanna you already know how very fond I am of you and how grateful I am for all that you gift me and invite me to by BEing and Choosing as YOU!

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