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15. Mai


20:00 CEST




What have you learned when you grew up and what are you teaching yourself everyday?
… to be pragmatic or dramatic?

Dramatic is the normal way of life for most. The constant obsession with problems and difficulties and wrongness and then trying to find a solution which just confirms the problem.

What else is truly possible?

Have you tried being pragmatic?

Pragmatic means doing what works and allowing all of life to come to you with ease and joy and glory. Imagine everything, even people and situations that you try to avoid because they tend to be difficult for you, to be a contribution to you and bringing ease and joy into your life. Is that possible? Yes!

Pragmatic means not worrying about getting things right and instead exploring what is true for you. When you have clarity on what is true for you, nothing, no drama, trauma or insanity can ever throw you off track. You are in charge!

What ease and joy and glory in all areas of your life can you now choose? How different would that make you? What joy would that bring you? Ready to have more and be more than is normal?

Welcome to this online program exploring Pragmatic Psychology with Susanna Mittermaier!
Starting on May 29th
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