The Happy Airhead!

As we enter a New Year, imagine everything that limited you before has now gone, leaving nothing but opportunities. And we aren’t talking about unsustainable, momentary solutions created from stress. We’re talking about taking everything you’ve ever learned and questioning it. 

When you’re not weighed down by other people’s points of view, you allow yourself to see unexplored possibilities. When you allow yourself to be a happy airhead, you get to choose where to focus your attention and energy. So, asks Susanna, what else is possible for you that you’ve never considered before?

On today’s podcast:

– What else is possible for you?
– What haven’t you yet considered?
– Have you ever created anything other than more stress when stressed?
– Why question everything that you’ve ever learned?
– What questions can you ask today that will lead you to a greater future?
– When you choose to be an airhead, where will you focus your attention?


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