The Dance of Our Future

What future do you believe you can create?

Susanna and guest Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness discuss their views on the future and how to create it. In our personal worlds, we can create a sense of stewardship for the earth instead of trying to use it. We look at how we can take care of the earth and be a part of it for the future so we can enjoy and be grateful for it.

Susanna and Gary are releasing their book, Advanced Pragmatic Psychology, soon. It invites readers to navigate beyond trauma, drama, upset and intrigue. Release date coming soon.

On today’s podcast:

– What future is available to us?
– How can you avoid going crazy during difficult times?
What is your reality?
Are you true to what you say?
Life is a dance… are you leading or following?
What else is possible?


Advanced Pragmatic Psychology

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