The control you think you must have!

It’s easy to relate to people based on expectation of who you should be, but when they don’t have any expectation or projections of who you should be you’re pretty open to be whoever you choose.

Founder of Talk to the Entities and lead facilitator at Access Consciousness, Shannon O’Hara, joins Susanna to discuss control and why we should recognize when we’re doing it. They explore unlearning how to be perfect, creating rejection because of expectations, and why it’s important to detect when we’re trying to be in control.

On today’s podcast:

– What else is possible?
– What else could you choose?
– What is it that you want to create in your life?
– What else is possible if you teach choice rather than control?
– Are you detecting your control?
– Are you rejecting by setting expectations?


Shannon O’Hara

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  1. Susanna Mittermaier says:

    Thank you for your message, so happy it sparked all these questions and awarenesses! What else is possible?

  2. Tania Maria says:

    Waaw! Spot on here, doing control and expectations big time and it is uncomfortable to being aware of it. I made a demand of myself to unravel ‘being vague about what I want or not want. Doing expectations instead that the other person is not going to like me for speaking up for what I want.. Interesting and it is touching all the thoughs, feelings and emotions I used to choose to avoid the expected uncomfort.
    All of your (Shanon’s too) questions and revelations are such a contribution for me.

    I would like to hear more of it, what did you already noticed by going into the depth of the other possibilities? You spoke about being excited to unravel it more in your own life. What is showing up there?

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