Thank you Cows!

Cows are great teachers.

They enjoy the earth and everything in it and don’t have a point-of-view that allows them to receive everything intensely.

Susanna explores indulging in life and everything around you. The earth is a wonderful assistant in the constant choosing of what’s true for us and what’s real. What if we just enjoyed life like cows?

Listen to this week’s episode then ask yourself, what can I receive that allows me to create a future greater and beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations?

On today’s podcast:

– What do I know beyond everything that is being presented to you?
– What is your reality and what do you know?
– What have you been buying that is not congruent with what you’re asking for?
– Who can you enjoy right now where you are?
– How much are you not present?
– What if you don’t cut off your awareness of the future?

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  1. Alexandra Lebon says:

    Thank you Susanna! I have loved this one (and the others too 😁)
    Thank you!

  2. Elena Maria Zappua says:

    Thank you Susanna. inspiring !

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