Happiness isn’t about being normal.
It’s about being you.

Happiness isn’t about being normal.

It’s about being you.

What is Pragmatic Psychology – Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy?

How much of your life do you spend trying to fix your “problems” and fit in with the norm—and then judging yourself because you are never quite good enough? What if the parts of yourself you’ve been told are weak, wrong, or just plain crazy are exactly what you need to live life fully with happiness and joy? Pragmatic Psychology invites you to see your life through a radically different and liberating perspective—one that will help you tap into your unique brilliance and create the life you want.

Susanna Mittermaier, a psychologist and Access Consciousness® facilitator, is renowned for empowering people all over the world to access their greatness through her effective approach, Pragmatic Psychology. The proven, practical tools she shares here will show you how to move beyond judgments and labels, drama and trauma to create breakthroughs more quickly than you thought possible.

You will learn:

– Powerful questions you can use every day to move beyond self-doubt and break out of patterns that make you feel trapped or frustrated
– Techniques for dealing with what’s really underneath depression, anger, guilt, defensiveness, and fear
– The real reasons we resist positive change and how to get into the habit of making self-affirming choices that also lift up those around you
– How to stop making other people’s points of view more valuable than your own inner knowing and start dancing to your own rhythm

Most importantly, Susanna Mittermaier will show you that you are much more powerful than you ever imagined. Her refreshing and uplifting insights and easy-to-use, even playful techniques will transform the way you see yourself and the wonderful possibilities and adventures that await you.