4 videos about Pragmatic Psychology


A new paradigm – or the art of changing your life with questions – Pragmatic Psychology with Susanna Mittermaier

What if you could turn your past and your problems into possibilities?

What if drama and problems didn’t have to be normal, but something else – much more – was possible?

Pragmatic psychology, founded by psychologist Susanna Mittermaier, invites you to change your perspective:

Instead of focusing on problems and drama, Pragmatic Psychology is about exploring the possibilities awaiting behind them.

It allows for discovering the skills and resources in so-called behavioral problems and diagnoses such as depression, anxiety or ADHD.

Are you ready for a life that is much greater than you could have imagined?

In this brand new interview series, Susanna Mittermaier talks about new approaches in different areas of life, how the tools used have changed the lives of countless people, why Pragmatic Psychology is a new paradigm in the areas of personal development, business, family, and much more, and how you can use it for yourself.