Shamelessly you! – How do you want to express yourself?


7.-9. September


09:30 CEST


2 days


Munich & online

What’s next for you?

… showing yourself more, no longer holding back, putting your creations out there, more ease in being yourself and expressing yourself in all areas of life and situations, enjoying yourself in the world, no longer hiding, finding out what you’re made of… what else?

How much have you learnt to belittle yourself with judgements, to hold yourself back, to constantly monitor yourself to make sure you are not being too much and saying and doing the right thing?

How much of your creativity does that cost you? How much of yourself and your uniqueness is it costing you?

Do you feel that it’s time to include yourself more, to discover yourself and what’s inside you and let it out into the world? How would you like to express yourself… with words and without words…. in all situations that have to do with other people… whether relationships, family, work, business, social media and much more?

Welcome to this 2-day course with new perspectives, tools and practical exercises to discover what’s inside you, let it out, play with it, use it and much more!

If you had an unashamed ease to be you and show yourself to the world, what life and future would that open up for you?

You can take this course live or online.

The recordings are included in this course. // Repeat pricing available

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