Right Voice for You- The world is asking for you!


27. – 29. October 2023




3 Days



Show yourself!

The world is looking for you! Are you ready to be seen and heard? … To no longer hold back?

Right Voice for You is very special class!

You are invited to have ease with being seen and heard. Letting go of judgements and even using them to contribute to you!

What have you always wanted to say to the world? What do you want to create and realise?

Allow access to the space where you can be yourself with joy, ease and glory in all situations…. in relationships, family, business, with colleagues, when you stand in front of people and speak…. always!

You can also bring things you want to work on to this course, e.g. the desire to practice video recording, texts you are working on, ideas for websites, presentations you are working on, singing…. EVERYTHING that has to do with expressing yourself and your uniqueness has a place in this course!

We are looking forward to meeting you! … and the world!

Within 12 months, the repeat price of 1600 euros applies.

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