Pragmatic Parenting

Parenting in these uncertain times can be stressful and overwhelming, but what if a change in point of view can provide solutions?

Listen to Susanna share your views on parenting and share an excerpt from her new book, Advanced Pragmatic Psychology. 

Ask yourself and your children questions not for answers, but to expand awareness.

On today’s podcast:

– When you have stress, ask: who does this belong to?
What’s my world of being a parent?
How many moms and dads am I aware of that have that point of view?
Are you asking your children questions?
Do you really not have choice?
What if parenting isn’t about getting things right or perfect?


Advanced Pragmatic Psychology

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  1. Zamna says:

    Por más conocimiento y con deseos de aprender más de ti, gran contribución para mi trabajo con los niños y los papás de los niños?

  2. C Naganathan says:

    Gratitude for the Pod cast. amazing contribution.

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