Pragmatic Marketing

Social media and marketing consultant, Megan Hill, joins Susanna to talk about digital marketing strategies. Are you being intentional behind your business and marketing goals or feeding into quick fixes and fads? Listen to Susanna and Megan discuss how to engage with audiences, how your business contributes to your targeted consumer, what is required of you to give to yourself and others, and so much more.

On today’s podcast:

– How can marketing be done in a different way?
– How are you engaging with people?
– What is it that speaks to you?
– What can I create now for the future?
– What can I contribute to someone right now?
– What is the target of your business and what do you want to create?
– What does everything in your life require so that you can actually bring it into reality?


Megan Hill, Access Consciousness

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  1. I am so happy to hear this! we dont have this technical option of downloading, sorry!

  2. Rachel Geller says:

    Hi Suzanna, I’m listening to you on your previous podcast from Voice America archives (from 2014!) and you said how your guests are the whole world! So I’m just writing in to say hi and thanks! Beautiful show.

    PS can I access download versions of your more recent podcast? I like to listen on a non-internet enabled device. Thanks alot for all you do.

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