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Most people choose something that doesn’t work for them and have built up a tolerance for it. When you expect problems and difficulties, you have made it normal.

Susanna shares her thoughts on not accepting a life that doesn’t work for you. Instead of normalizing problems and difficulties, what if you chose peace and ease? Your point-of-view creates your reality, so don’t function from feelings, but ease, space and relaxation. Listen to Susanna explain perspective and why expecting problems and difficulties is like putting up a filter to reality.

On today’s podcast:

– Where have you built up a tolerance for problems and difficulties?
– What if you were not tolerant of problems and difficulties anymore?
– What is your perspective?
– What if this thing that feels like nothing is exactly where you can start creating your life greater than you can imagine?
– What would you like your day to be like today?
– What if you are way greater than any feeling, emotion or thought?
– What peace and space is available beyond this?


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