Pragmatic Psychology Podcast

Are you trying to be normal? Are you trying to fit in? Do you judge yourself when you’re a little too different?

What if your difference is exactly what our world requires?

Welcome to a new paradigm on you being everything that you are! Happiness isn’t about being normal; it’s about being you.

Here we invite you to use your crazy as a resource to create your own phenomenal life. Discover what capacities are hiding and waiting for you to be discovered. What if everything you call wrongness is a strongeness!

Maybe you find out what possibilities are behind the things you call incapacities, and see if things like depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and autism might just be yet-to-be-discovered superpowers. Tap into your unique brilliance and create the life you want and live life fully with happiness and joy.

Welcome to Pragmatic Psychology.


Allowing Chaos

What choice can you make today that creates the future you desire right away? Listen to learn how you can use your time and your energy to move forward without judgements.

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Sheep and Peacocks: When you know you don’t fit in, but try to

Emily Russell, Access Consciousness facilitator and business entrepreneur of magnitude, chats with Susanna about what it means to be you. Listen to learn how to choose your difference, be the lightness and the joy of you, and choose to be the peacock or the neon sheep.

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Creating Your Future?

Susanna asks how we can use our time and our energy to choose to move forward. 
Listen to learn tools and questions for opening up a whole new world of possibilities beyond the world of judgements. 

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Beyond the Fairytale Family

What’s possible when you choose to go beyond the fairytale family?
Listen to learn how you can live your life, have your own back, make a different choice, and find out what’s true for you with family.

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Reacting or Acting?

How are you viewing the world right now?
Susanna invites you to consider these changing times as a time of reevaluation.
Listen to learn how to choose to ask questions rather than react.

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Be the Peacock

What if your life purpose is to be happy?
Susanna Mittermaier explores Pragmatic Psychology: doing what works to make your life easier.
Listen to learn tools and perspectives for lightness, ease, and joy, how your difference is a gift, and find out what’s possible for you, for your life, and for your future.

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Introducing Pragmatic Psychology

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