Pragmatic Psychology Podcast

Are you trying to be normal? Are you trying to fit in? Do you judge yourself when you’re a little too different?

What if your difference is exactly what our world requires?

Welcome to a new paradigm on you being everything that you are! Happiness isn’t about being normal; it’s about being you.

Here we invite you to use your crazy as a resource to create your own phenomenal life. Discover what capacities are hiding and waiting for you to be discovered. What if everything you call wrongness is a strongeness!

Maybe you find out what possibilities are behind the things you call incapacities, and see if things like depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and autism might just be yet-to-be-discovered superpowers. Tap into your unique brilliance and create the life you want and live life fully with happiness and joy.

Welcome to Pragmatic Psychology.


Claiming your voice of Wealth

Susanna touches on a topic that she has been exploring for years: money. We may find ourselves passing judgement on others and ourselves by how money is spent, which limits how you think and view spending money.


What is mental illness really?

Susanna explores the thoughts around mental health and our perceptions around it. Learn to question everything before accepting what is presented as truth.


The control you think you must have!

Founder of Talk to the Entities and lead facilitator at Access Consciousness, Shannon O’Hara, joins Susanna to discuss control and why we should recognize when we’re doing it.


Parenting a future leader

Listen to Susanna and Grandinetti discuss their personal experiences with their children and how they have learned to parent that is helping their children find what realities are possible for them.


Facilitating Change! Your turn!

Listen to Susanna explore living in your true reality and facilitating change. She questions our possibilities, the ways we function, and our perspectives. Are you willing to change in order to have the life that’s best for you?


How to manipulate your partner!

Listen to Susanna and guest, Jürgen Funk, speak about how you can use manipulation as a tool to invite people to create something greater, make things easier, and to make things work.


Creating from a World of Possibilities

Listen to Susanna and Brendon chat about how to discover what else is possible, learn how to be present with our choices, and how to contribute to our futures and the lives we want to create.


Pragmatic Marketing

Listen to Susanna and Megan discuss how to engage with audiences, how your business contributes to your targeted consumer, what is required of you to give to yourself and others, and so much more.