Pragmatic Psychology Podcast

Are you trying to be normal? Are you trying to fit in? Do you judge yourself when you’re a little too different?

What if your difference is exactly what our world requires?

Welcome to a new paradigm on you being everything that you are! Happiness isn’t about being normal; it’s about being you.

Here we invite you to use your crazy as a resource to create your own phenomenal life. Discover what capacities are hiding and waiting for you to be discovered. What if everything you call wrongness is a strongeness!

Maybe you find out what possibilities are behind the things you call incapacities, and see if things like depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and autism might just be yet-to-be-discovered superpowers. Tap into your unique brilliance and create the life you want and live life fully with happiness and joy.

Welcome to Pragmatic Psychology.


Diversity Creates

Listen to Susanna share her thoughts on diversity and becoming clear on what’s true for you. It’s ok to be different and you should acknowledge that difference so that it can work best for you.

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Facilitating Change

Listen to Susanna and her partner, Jürgen Funk, share their developing relationship with their daughter, Joy, and how they learned to trust her and help her the way she needs.

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Do Like Nature Does

Have you ever wondered why we like nature? Is it because we want to be like it? Susanna explores this idea and how it relates to choice and stopping depression and anxiety.

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No Drama Lama!

Susanna shares her thoughts on how to change your views on drama and how to prevent it. Listen to her views then remind yourself that you have choice and question.

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Your Difference Creates

Many people don’t know they have choice. Listen to Susanna share her thoughts on choice and difference. Claim, own and acknowledge your power of difference.

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Pragmatic Parenting

Listen to Susanna share your views on parenting and share an excerpt from her new book, Advanced Pragmatic Psychology.

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The Dance of Our Future

Susanna and guest Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness discuss their views on the future and how to create it.

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Thank you Cows!

Cows are great teachers. Ask yourself, what can I receive that allows me to create a future greater and beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations?

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Do you like you? In Hebrew

Not many people make it valuable to like themselves. Listen to Susanna’s tools on how to truly like yourself and learn how to expand your life with awareness.

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