Parenting a future leader

Sarah Grandinetti, Access Consciousness certified facilitator and international speaker, joins Susanna to discuss a different way of parenting. Grandinetti’s different approach to experiences has helped people with creating a different paradigm with their kids.

Listen to Susanna and Grandinetti discuss their personal experiences with their children and how they have learned to parent that is helping their children find what realities are possible for them.

What else is possible with parenting?

On today’s podcast:

– Are you letting your kid(s) choose?
– What is this choice creating?
– If a child was born into a world where wrong wasn’t a reality, what type of world would they have?
– How long do you have to sit with ‘I’m so wrong and bad’?
– What can I change for my kid(s) that will no longer make them be affected by the situation?
– Do you know how ____ you are?
– How are you changing the world today that you have not yet acknowledged?

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