P R A G M A T I C Relationships – Making the Impossible Work for You!

The area of relationship is one of the fundamental elements of this reality. We grow up in a world where one of the biggest targets is to be in relationship; to have friends, to have a partner but first, according to this world, you need to find someone that is perfect enough to fit the picture you have decided should be your life.

But wait a second whose picture is that? Has the perfection of this reality been sneaking into your daydreams? Have you let yourself be brainwashed by the insanity of everything you are supposed to have and if you do not have it, it makes you the biggest loser on this planet? You could be the biggest loser of this insanity instead! How much freedom do you grant yourself in the area of relationship?

Really ask yourself! Do you really desire the freedom and space that is available for you or do you love pretending that you too are a victim of the need of the perfect partner and lets not forget friends?

Whatever you have one or do not have, in this world you are wrong if what you have does not match the standard. So why bother being right, rather then enjoying being wrong and celebrating it.

In a world where the greatest rightness is to relate to others, there is not much space to be. The other day I was talking with a women who said that she now has reached the age where she has to meet her friends more often, because if she does not, she will not have any friends when is old and she will be all alone. I asked her, how this is working for her. She replied, “It sucks! I have to meet all these boring people to make sure I will not be alone.” I asked if she is interested in such a small life. She asked what I mean. I replied, “Well are you trying to adapt to the smallness of your friend ́s lives. Are you creating connection points so you and your life fits theirs and never becomes greater and does that create frustration in your world and make you feel lonely?” She replied, “YES! That’s so true and actually I do talk with everything; nature, every molecule all the time anyway, I am not alone, wow?”

What if you would commit to your life to such a degree that you know what works for you and be in total allowance of that, even if it looks nothing like this reality?

Welcome to getting over being dramatic and being pragmatic! What seems impossible for this world, becomes a reality for you!

Susanna Mittermaier

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