No Drama Lama!

Let go of your need to be right and your righteousness.

Changing your life is not from force, it’s from a gentle request and a choice you make. Susanna shares her thoughts on how to change your views on drama and how to prevent it. Listen to her views then remind yourself that you have choice and question.

On today’s podcast:

– How much percentage of your day or week is dedicated to trauma upset?
– How much percentage of your day or week is dedicated to ease and joy?
– How can I have more ease?
– How many places do you think you are right and are functioning from righteousness?
– What if you go beyond right and wrong and good and bad to what else is possible?
– What are you trying to create with this? Does this really work for you?

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  1. Sabine says:

    super !
    Alles hinterfragen und nix bewerten

    Danke für diese Episode !

  2. elena vignocchi says:

    Good contribute this listening, very clear and easy tks

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