Pragmatic Psychology

What if you could find out what brilliance is hiding behind what this reality calls insanity and crazy?

What if every wrongness is a strongness?

What if the things that are called depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar and every other diagnosis are actually hiding an ability not yet discovered?

What if they are a gift to the world not yet received?

Pragmatic Psychology is using the Access Consciousness tools in therapy, coaching, psychology, with mental illness and any form of “crazy” to access the capacities, abilities and knowing that are waiting to be discovered and that the world so requires.

This planet loves when you choose to be you- all of you!

You are cordially invited to join us to discover how you being Different is a GIFT to the world!


Pragmatic Practitioner – Accessing Your Way of Facilitating Change

How can you inspire the world, like no one else? How can you lead yourself and others from problem to possibilty? Are you ready to ...
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Shamelessly you! – How do you want to express yourself?

How much have you learned to belittle yourself with judgments, to hold yourself back, to constantly watch yourself to make sure you’re not being too ...
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Inspirational evening with Susanna Mittermaier and the Pragmatic Practitioners

Would you like to learn more about Pragmatic Psychology? This is your opportunity! Susanna Mittermaier’s Pragmatic Psychology offers tools and new perspectives that make it ...
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