How to manipulate your partner!

What do you do when you hear the word manipulation? Do you think it’s a great tool or instantly go to a judgement of what manipulation is?

Manipulation is just like any other word in this world. It is what it is. We decide how we use it. You can use manipulation to gain power over someone or use it to create something greater.

Listen to Susanna and guest, Jürgen Funk, speak about how you can use manipulation as a tool to invite people to create something greater, make things easier, and to make things work.

On today’s podcast:

– What if manipulation isn’t good or bad?
– How can you use manipulation within your relationships?
– What if we give up the need to fight for being right or wrong?
– How do you give up the need to be right?
– Ladies: How exactly are you letting men know what it is you would like?
– What if you receive the kindness that’s all around you?

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