How are you taking care of you?

In these turbulent times, taking care of yourself is vital. Many people suffer from depression, anxiety and other unpleasant things because they want to be good for other people. But what if you practice a culture of taking care of yourself, of nurturing yourself? Because only then can your world grow.
Listen to Susanna share her thoughts on a different kind of self care. The moment you start to look for more clarity on what truly works for you, everything can contribute to you, and your life will change. 

On today’s podcast:

– Do you even know who or what nurtures you? 
– What else can you ask for that makes you happy?
– What if you receive and allow nurturing in your life?
– How do you let in more gratitude, nurturing and acknowledgement?
– What is available at this very moment for you to receive, that you haven’t received so far?
– What if rather than fixing your wrongness, you discover your strongness?
– What do you know that you haven’t acknowledged you know? 


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