Facilitating Change! Your turn!

Suffering and not having a good time is a point-of-view that’s been handed to us by society and the world around us, but that doesn’t have to be our reality. We have the ability to facilitate our lives and create what’s true for you and no one else.

Listen to Susanna explore living in your true reality and facilitating change. She questions our possibilities, the ways we function, and our perspectives. Are you willing to change in order to have the life that’s best for you?

On today’s podcast:

– Is this really the way life has to be, or is there a different possibility?
– Is what you’re living with heavy or light?
– What if you facilitate yourself to find out what’s true for you?
– Is this really your way of functioning or is this where you are training to other people’s ways of functioning?
– How would you like to create your life?
– How much more space, freedom, and possibilities would occur and you would facilitate with that different perspective?


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