Facilitate possibilities like never before


9. August


09:30 CEST


3 days


Attersee & online

Welcome to the Pragmatic Practitioner class!

What if you could have ease with absolutely everything and everyone?

How can you inspire the world, like no one else?

What leader can you be?

Are you ready to learn more about how you can facilitate change and possibilities for yourself and others?

Pragmatic Psychology is a new paradigm that invites you to be part of creating a future on this planet that works for us! More information on, www.pragmaticpsychology.com

If you work with people as a coach, facilitator, parent, teacher, social worker, therapist, doctor or if you want to get started.. in any way you work with yourself and others you can add a totally new paradigm of creating change to your repertoire with the tools you learn in this class!

This class will be 3 days. You can join us live in the beautiful Attersee area or online.

Manual and recordings are included.

There is also a repeat price for this class. If you have done a 3-day Pragmatic Practitioner class in the previous 12 months, your price is 1800 euros.

Mit Übersetzung ins Deutsche. Deine Fragen kannst du auf Deutsch stellen.

Let us know if your language is not here yet!

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