Enjoy You! -with Susanna Mittermaier

Have you noticed that most people in this reality are not happy!

I live in Sweden and when I was in Costa Rica a while ago a guy told me that he heard that Sweden has the happiest people. I laughed out loud  and said, “If that is true, then this is a super depressed planet!“

In Sweden people look at you funny if you have a happy face in the bus. In the elevator the floors must be extremely fascinating, as people analyze them very diligently instead of looking at each other!

I had a patient with a bipolar diagnosis. I worked with her for a while and she went to the doctor who confirmed that she no longer had bipolar disorder. They talked for a while and she was happily telling him about her life and how much had changed for her. He looked at her and said, “You no longer fit the bipolar diagnosis but why are you so happy, are you on drugs?“

Wow! In this reality you must be either insane or on drugs to have a reason to be happy! Is it time to change that? How much fun can we have with this reality having too much fun? Are you in?

What if it is ok for you to be the only happy person on your block?

What if it does not matter that all other people around you are miserable and talk about their problems and pains all day long and you could just go by, not being affected at all!

How? Here comes a great tool, I have been using it a lot. It is called: Interesting point of view!  Instead of me explaining it, lets put it into action!

Take an upset or any other non-happy feeling you have had recently. Ok. Now get the energy of that and say to that energy “Interesting point of view that I have this point of view“ and now look at it again and say again “Interesting point of view that I have this point of view“ and now look at it again and say it again and then look at it again and say it again…. Say it as often as it takes for the energy to get lighter. Sometimes it takes 20 times…. Lighter?

Every time you walk by a grumpy person, you can do it about the person “Interesting point of view that she/he has that point of view“.   Using this tool, you will see that nothing is relevant anymore!

Being happy becomes a choice!  Welcome to enjoying you no matter what!


More info? More joy? www.susannamittermaier.com

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