Do you let your past haunt you?

The world around us is constantly shifting and changing. If you make what’s happening outside of your world part of your world you remove your choice to create your own world. And the only thing we have available is change and choice. But when you resist change, you create pain.

Susanna invites you to look at the places in your life where you hold onto your past, and asks what change is available that you haven’t acknowledged? What if you let go of your past and ask what change and choice is available that will allow you to thrive like never before?

On today’s podcast:

– Do you make everyone else’s world your world?
– The only thing we have available is change and choice
– What if you looked at your past and made the choice to change?
– What if the discomfort of change isn’t something you need to avoid anymore? 
– What are you resisting that you could be enjoying?
– What if your past is no longer the thing that haunts you?


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