Do you have to become self-confident?

Understanding is one of the greatest limitations we have.

Anything you decide you need to work at or become is something you have decided you are not yet.

Today, Susanna invites us to a different perspective of self-confidence. Self-confidence is learned, and usually, we function from a place of judgement when it comes to our confidence. Anywhere you have a judgement, there’s a lack of something that you’re using for motivation. Has judgement been helping or hindering you? Listen to Susanna challenge the perspective of self-confidence and how to help us change this perception.

On today’s podcast:

– Has kicking your butt to get anywhere ever worked?
– What if there’s a totally different perspective around self-confidence?
– What if you wipe judgement from your eyes and start seeing what is?
– What if you ask for more space to be and choice to function from?
– What if self-confidence is just a concept?
– What does it mean to me to be self-confident?
– What if you do the things you do because it’s fun for you?


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