Do animals talk to you?

What is possible if you listen to animals and the earth?

Susanna and guest Suzy Godsey chat about receiving from the earth and animals and how to communicate with them. Have a cognitive awareness about the earth and the animals around you rather than just receiving it and not knowing what to do with it.

Listen to Susanna and Suzy share their thoughts on awareness, receiving and nurturing energy.

On today’s podcast:

– How much are you receiving from animals and the earth that you’re not acknowledging?
– How much did you grow up with some awareness that you didn’t know what to do with?
– Can you change your thought process?
– How much are animals and the earth communicating with us?
– How much of what we receive as wonderful is working with nature?
– What if you nurture your energy?

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  1. Eva-Rebecca Reins says:

    Me too…made myself wrong and still often do…
    Animals, plants, water, volcanoes … all “talk” to me 🙂
    And babies and children and young people – even they use words, “hear” what they truly “say”… perceive like crazyyyy
    Thank you so much both of you for giving me this space and deep breathing – relaxing! I am not “wrong” or “right”…

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