Diversity Creates

What’s light is right, what’s heavy is a lie.

Listen to Susanna share her thoughts on diversity and becoming clear on what’s true for you. It’s ok to be different and you should acknowledge that difference so that it can work best for you.

On today’s podcast:

– Is this really my reality?
– What if you don’t focus on what other people say?
– What if you ask the questions that make you have the clarity of what’s true for you?
– What makes me, me?
– What information am I lacking?
– What is this person capable of that I haven’t acknowledged?
– Where else am I different that I have not acknowledged?

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  1. Maria Karlström says:

    Love the thing you talk about. But I don’t know how to feel the energy. Could you make a pod about that?

  2. Elena says:

    Grazie, grazie, grazie !

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