Dare Being Orgasmic

Do you remember the orgasmic diner scene from the movie – When Harry Met Sally?  How many conclusions did you come to about what orgasm was supposed to look and feel like for you and your body?

What if I told you that orgasmic energy was not the same as having an orgasm?  What if I told you that it was nothing like the hyperventilation depicted in that movie scene and that it was everything to do with a liveliness and intensity that you could choose to be in the world instead?  What if I told you that being orgasmic is being the courage to be that intensity and joy that is so not normal in this reality?

How much have you judged yourself out of your own awareness about what’s possible with orgasmic living?

Can you recall a time when have you been on your way to pure joy and excitement for what you were creating and the moment you shared that with someone, their reaction bought you back to that non-intense state?  This is an example of how you stop your orgasmic energies.

When you are aware of an energy that you would like to bring into the world, do you expect that the people around you will understand or see the brilliance of your creation?  Are you waiting for the people around you to react and acknowledge the brilliance of what you are bringing to the world before you give yourself permission to be that brilliance?

If you don’t totally acknowledge the brilliance of what you bring into the world, you will continue to wait until others acknowledge that brilliance and you will continue to switch off your creative, orgasmic energy.   Making other people’s reactions more valuable than your own actions is a way that you shut down your joy for living, it’s how you shut down your capacity for orgasmic living.  If you are making what other people say more valuable than what you know, then you will be stopped in your own orgasmic, creative energy.   What you want instead, is to expand your orgasmic energies and to stop making other people’s points of view valuable.

How many days of joy do you allow yourself before you try to make someone else who is unhappy, happy?

Do you ever try to bring joy and happiness to other people’s world?  How many times have you tried to bring joy and happiness to other people who weren’t choosing it, and you ended up being unhappy with them instead?   Have you ever considered if other people are really choosing to be as happy as you choose to be?

How different are you, that you’re not willing to acknowledge?

Do you actually get how extremely different you are in your desire to be orgasmic and happy?

One of the Access Consciousness tools that I invite you to use is – Just for me, just for fun, never tell anyone.  If you really feel the desire to share what you’re creating with someone, ask yourself – if I share my joy with this person, will it add to my joy or will it make it less?  If you get the awareness that sharing your joy will diminish it, then go and high five some trees instead.  Nature is an amazing space that receives your joy.

If you use your awareness for you instead of against you, you will be aware people are willing to have even a tiny piece of the energy of joy that you have. And if not, then you are just trying to bring order to other people’s chaos when they aren’t really wiling to have it.

Orgasmic energy is such a creative source and when you be it, you invite the whole Universe to create with you.   It is not the same in every moment.  Orgasmic energy is like the sky, it is a godzillion nuances of colour, with infinite possibilities.  If you conclude what orgasmic energy is supposed to feel like, you will miss knowing that orgasm can be as soft as the touch of a feather against your skin.   It’s the conclusions you come to that kill the joy of orgasmic living that is actually true for you.

What if there is no limit to orgasmic energy?

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