Creating from a World of Possibilities

“The less that I define myself the more I become that energy of possibilities.” – Brendon Watt

Brendon Watt, international best-selling author and leading Access Consciousness facilitator, joins Susanna to discuss creating your life in a world of possibilities. We have an awareness that there’s something else possible, but we have to decide to not follow the crowd just because it’s what everyone else is doing.

Listen to Susanna and Brendon chat about how to discover what else is possible, learn how to be present with our choices, and how to contribute to our futures and the lives we want to create.

On today’s podcast:

– Who am I today?
– What else is possible beyond this?
– What if I could receive from everything and still have choice?
– What if I practice being present with every choice I make?
– What’s a different choice I could make?
– For everything that you become aware of in your life, ask, what can I receive from this?
– How can this contribute to me and my future?
– Universe: will you please contribute to this?


Are You Patient Enough To Receive What You Haven’t Asked For Yet?
Choice of Possibilities

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