Dec 22

Who can you add to your life and create with?

20:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Psychology

How much of your life have you tried to do things on your own and by yourself? What are you proving with that? Who could you allow to come into your life? ... not because you need it but because it adds to your life? How can you create with others? Jürgen Funk and I, Susanna Mittermaier have been creating together for many years. We also create business together. How is that possible with ease and joy and constant expansion? Explore more about relaxationship? Let us inspire you to find out what is possible for you? You can also ask your questions on this call. This call includes the audio recordings of the call. Welcome!

Dec 22

Facilitating the Power Beyond Pain - 5 week Program

20:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic PractitionersPragmatic Psychology

Pain is normal. Have you ever questioned it? Welcome to a totally different paradigm on pain! What is pain? What is behind psychologcial and phsyical pain? Is it something you could even turn into a resource? What is the gift of pain? How can you facilitate yourself to what pain is pointing you towards? How can you faciliate others beyond pain? Lets explore! Welcome to this 5 week program! Click here to see all the dates and times for the calls:

Dec 22

Right Voice for You - Your Voice Leads Our Future

09:30 o'clock - Courses
Access ConsciousnessRight Voice For You

What creations are waiting for you to actualize them? What would you have to be willing to be for your creations to thrive and be irresistible? Are you ready to access Your Voice in the world... in creations, business, relationships... your whole life? If no one’s judgements, projections or expectations would matter to you, what would you be able to create and enjoy?

Dec 22

Business Done Different - Leading a future that works for you!

09:30 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessBusiness Done Different

What have you decided that you cannot have and cannot achieve with business and money? What contribution and receiving are you avoiding? Is not the time to allow something totally different to show up for you? Are you ready to do business totally different? Welcome to 3 days for You, your life and your business! Bring your questions, your wishes and lets create future! How about you leading a future that works for you? This class includes an amazing manual and the audios of the class. Will you join us?

Jan 23

1 day Pragmatic Practitioner Class

09:30 o'clock - Gut Aiderbichl
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic PractitionersPragmatic Psychology

Welcome to a revolutionary and different way to facilitate change for yourself and others, with tools, tips and new perspectives! This class is for practitioners of any kind, anybody who works with people... parents, teachers, coaches, therapists, doctors, etc. In this class you will learn pragmatic ways to make change available for you and others. This class has no prerequisites. If you would like to know more about Pragmatic Psychology, enjoy one of Susanna's books: "Pragmatic Psychology", "Advanced Pragmatic Psychology", "Fairytale Family". We are looking forward to you and exploring your unique way of inspiring the world!