Aug 22

Image, Agenda… Out- creating it all!

20:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Psychology

Is now the time to lift the veil and allow the ease of seeing what is? How often do you let yourself be surprised by how others are functioning…rather than seeing what is and choosing to be the dominant energy and to create what you know is possible? How successful are you willing to be to create what works? Let's go and create future! Welcome to this One Off Call! The recordings of this call are included.

Aug 22

So you want to facilitate change?

09:30 o'clock - Oranienburg – Berlin
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners

Welcome to CHANGE! What is possible now with facilitating change like never before? Are you ready for the rocket ship called You? Lets play with the tools and explore how you can use them to facilitate change for you, others, the world in ways you have never considered? How can this class contribute to what else you would like to create and add to your life? Beyond any method you have learned so far.... welcome to dive into a totally different way to create change! This class will be translated! If you have any langauge requests please let us know as soon as possible to be able to provide for you! *** REPEAT PRICING available now: have you taken a Pragmatic Practitioner class in the last 12 months? You qualify for repeat pricing: 1500,- for 100% countries! More info will be sent to you after registration. ***

Sep 22

When your Life is the Business that keeps on gifting!

11:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessBusiness Done Different

What else is truly possible with business that you have never considered yet? This Business done different class invites you to explore new ways of creating and actualizing and accessing your unique way of doing business and beyond. What if business could be joyful and a celebration of possibilities every day? We are looking forward to You! Included in this class is a manual and the audio recordings of this class.

Sep 22

Facilitating you your clients and your business to greatness

09:30 o'clock - Nabor Carillo 13, Col. Olivar de los Padres, CDMY – Mexico
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Psychology

Facilitating you, your clients and your business to greatness! What capacities to facilitate do you have that are now time to access? Facilitating means “making easier”:  Where in your life can you facilitate ease and joy and glory? What is possible for you to facilitate your clients to a life that works for them? How can you facilitate your business to success and thrive? Let's explore more...  in this one day Pragmatic Psychology class! Bring your desires and questions and lets create! Audios are included in this class.  You can take this class live in Mexico City or Online. I am looking forward to you!