Apr 23

Show Up as You!

09:30 o'clock - Dublin & Online
Access ConsciousnessRight Voice For You

Welcome to this 1 day Right Voice for You class! Show Up as You! If no one's judgments, expectations, projections would matter to you anymore, what could you be in the world and what would you be able to create? How about you getting out of hiding and accessing your unique voice .. everywhere! in relationships, with your body, with business and creation and so much more! Let's open up new possibilities for you and your future! Join us live in Ireland or Online!

Apr 23

Your Life! The Business that Keeps on Gifting!

09:30 o'clock - Pragmatische Psychologie Zentrum Vienna & Online
Access ConsciousnessBusiness Done Different

What do You know about business that goes far beyond what is normal business? Lets explore, open up and expand on what you are already creating and beyond that? What success could you allow ....and how out of control would that require you to be? Let's go!!! Welcome to this 3 day Business Done Different class! You can join us live in Vienna in the Pragmatic Psychology Center or you can join us Online! We are looking forward to You! If you have any particular translation requests, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange that for you!

May 23

Explore what you know facilitating change!

09:30 o'clock -
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners

Welcome to this Pragmatic Practitioner class! When you access what you know about facilitating change for you and others, what would that open up for you, your life, your business and the gift you can be to the world? Who is looking for you to create change in their lives? Learn how to use the pragmatic tools in your life and also in your work with other people. Welcome to this totally different paradigm! This class will be 3 DAYS! You can join us in beautiful Florence, Italy or Online. There is also a repeat price for this class. If you have done a 3- or a 4-day Pragmatic Practitioner class in the previous 12 months, your price is 1500 euros.

May 23

Facilitating the POWER beyond Pain!

20:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners

How much of what is experienced as pain is considered a normal part of life? Have you ever questioned that? What power are you hiding behind upset, drama, frustration, physical and psychological pain? Welcome to a totally different paradigm! Find out how you can facilitate yourself to the possibilities that pain is pointing you towards? Learn how you can facilitate others beyond pain? Lets explore and access your power! his program is for anyone desiring to live a life beyond pain, whether its physical or the constant nagging stress, worry, depression, anxiety or any other psychological pain. This program is also for you who works with people in pain and learning how to facilitate the power beyond pain! Welcome to this 5 WEEK program! To get more information please click here: If you have done this program within the past 12 month already, you get a repeat price of 1300 euros.

Jun 23

Pragmatic Practitioner - Facilitating yourself and others to Greatness!

09:30 o'clock - TBA Izmir Turkey & Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners

Welcome to this special class to learn more about how you can uniquely facilitate change for yourself and others! Pragmatic Psychology is a new paradigm that invites you to be part of creating a future on this planet that works for us!