Jan 21

Be the Voice our Future requires

14:00 o'clock - Wien und Online
Access ConsciousnessRight Voice For You

Welcome to the Right Voice For You class "Be the Voice our Future requires"! What future would you like to create? What does our future require? What will it take for you to BE the voice our future requires? If you stopped hiding, what could all this do for you - your life, your business, your relationships, financially? flourish? The future is waiting for you!   For your time in the world:

Feb 21

Pragmatic Practitioner

09:30 o'clock - Castello Casalborgone
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic PractitionersPragmatic Psychology

Welcome to this class! Get ready to find out what you are capable of as a practitioner! Enjoy this inspiring class over 4 days with 3 hour sessions each day. Starting 2 pm CET every day Your time in the world:   Let’s rock! Let’s create a future that works for us! With joy! Susanna Mittermaier

Feb 21

Being Different- Being Possibilities

14:30 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Psychology

Being Different- Being Possibilities

Where are you choosing according to the menue that other people serve? Where are you still trying to not be too much and not be too different? What power of change and creating future could you be choosing? Time for change?