Dec 21

Claiming Your Voice of Wealth

20:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessRight Voice For You

The Voice of Wealth Look at your life! Where are you feeding the concept of lack? “I have too few clients… I have to make sure money is coming in….” And… Is now the space for you to feed your kingdom of wealth? Lets unleash Your unique Voice of Wealth! So looking for our Call! The recording of the Call is included.

Dec 21

Pragmatic Practitioner - How about more access to Your Unique Way of Creating Change?

14:00 o'clock - Online
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners

How about more access to Your Unique Way of Creating Change? Welcome to the wonderful world of Pragmatic Practitioners! We are so looking foward to you and together accessing what you know about facilitating and creating change! This class is for anybody who works with other people and of course with yourself! This class includes a manual and you will get the recordings of the class. If you have any questions please contact our wonderful hosts, Ingrid and Jürgen! Lets create future! With joy! Yours, Susanna

Feb 22

Pragmatic Practitioner - Access your Unique Way of Facilitating Change

10:00 o'clock - TBA – Ireland
Access ConsciousnessPragmatic Practitioners

Access Your Unique Way of Facilitating Change! What do you know about facilitating change that nobody ever asked you? Whether you are a facilitator, coach, parent, teacher, hairdresser, socialworker, therapist, however you work with people or however you would like to start working with people, this class is for you! Get ready for a totally different perspective on creating change for you and others! This time you are what is asked for! What if your way of approaching things outcreates any modality out there? Are you ready to be available for the world? In this class we will also do practical exercises. Recordings and manual are included. You can join live in Ireland or Online. With joy! Susanna and the fabulous team!