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There are so many ways to create the change you desire.

Classes are really dynamic. The people who are attending are all looking for more to change their lives. Every person in the class has their own knowing, that they often haven’t acknowledged. Every person contributes to everyone else.

Is now the time that you allow others to contribute you and receive more than ever?

Are you ready to allow yourself to be the change that the world requires of you?

Would you like to find out what a gift you are to others?

Susanna offers classes on many different subjects. Classes are a very dynamic way of creating change. You can participate in the classes in person or online.

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Getting Free from Electro Magnetic Personalities

Do you know the feeling when you have the same limitation in a certain area of your life come up over and over again and ...
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Foundation Vienna – Your Golden Life

Your golden life: What is still possible for you and your future? Would you like to have a bigger life? What if you didn’t focus ...
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Facilitating the Power beyond Pain

How much of what is experienced as pain is considered a normal part of life? Have you ever questioned that? What power are you hiding ...
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Happy Idiots Club

WELCOME TO THE HAPPY IDIOTS CLUB! 3-Months-Program with Susanna Mittermaier   Happy Idiots has made an impact that is greater than we could imagine. And ...
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New Years! Pragmatic Practitioner class

Welcome to the Pragmatic Practitioner class! What if you could have ease with absolutly everything and everyone? How can you inspire the world, like no ...
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Being You – Your Wrongness is Your Strongness

In this laughter-provoking episode our host Sarah Grandinetti & Being You Facilitator Susanna Mittermaeir explore Being You and acknowledging your wrongness is your strongness and how being judged can include being crazy happy!