Claiming your voice of Wealth

For most people, money brings up everything but ease, joy and glory. 

In today’s episode, Susanna touches on a topic that she has been exploring for years: money. We may find ourselves passing judgement on others and ourselves by how money is spent, which limits how you think and view spending money. 

As soon as you make a different choice the world changes, and changing our beliefs on money can expand our world. Listen to Susanna share her journey to thinking about money differently and how we can start claiming our wealth by how we view money.

On today’s podcast:

– What is money for you?
– Are you only creating your money flows based on what you need or are you going beyond your needs?
– Are you only receiving as much as you need or are you allowing yourself to receive more than you need?
– Why do you need more?
– How many people do you know that make money the leader?
– If you use your money this way, what future will it create? 


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