Business Your Way! Creating a Business Greater than ever before!


28th – 30th June


09:30 CET


3 days


Vienna & Online

Are you ready to have business be so different for you?

The joy and the luxury to voice what you know and would you like to bring to the world and do it your unique way… always expanding and growing from ease and joy and glory?

What if business was not about the stress and worry of getting by and getting money. That is business done normal.

Business done different is where you get to trust you to know what your creations, projects, businesses.. yes your whole life requires to expand and grow and you to get to enjoy the journey. Business can contribute to you being more of you and discovering the leader you are.

Business done different has so many tools and different perspectives on business, money, wealth, working with people, expanding and growing creations… and so much more!

Welcome to join us!

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