Beyond The Fairytale Family

Who are those people that keep hanging out in your life? The ones you can’t seem to get rid of? The ones called … f a m i l y?

What if you didn’t have to make them right, good, or perfect? Or bad, wrong, and horrible?

What if you could just see, perceive, and receive them precisely as they are, warts, wonders, and all?

What would be possible then?

On this episode of the Wolf podcast, me and the very pragmatic psychologist Susanna Mittermaier will explore what it takes to go beyond the idea of the fairytale family and what is available on the other side!

Take Away:
• What if creating relationships – even with your family! – is about creating what works, not fulfilling needs?
• Being willing to voice what’s true for you without judgement can invite something totally different to show up!

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