Being You – Your Wrongness is Your Strongness

In this laughter-provoking episode our host Sarah Grandinetti & Being You Facilitator Susanna Mittermaeir explore Being You and acknowledging your wrongness is your strongness and how being judged can include being crazy happy! Susanna Mittermaier MSc is the founder of the revolutionary new approach of Pragmatic Psychology. She is an active worldwide keynote speaker, a Bestselling international author in twelve countries with her books; Pragmatic Psychology and Advanced Pragmatic Psychology. Susanna has an unusual way of looking at so-called problems and difficulties, meeting people with various diagnoses. As a result, she soon discovered new and different ways of working with patients. Her joy for life, living and everything in between ripples through this episode of The Power of Being You Podcast! Take Away: Two of Susanna’s favourite questions to use daily How what you think is wrong about you is actually the strongness of you.
Get some new perspectives and tools while being inspired by the change that one simple and yet transforming choice can create in our lives, society, and the world! More here:

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