Being You – Peacock Style

Best-selling author and co-creator of Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer, chats with Susanna on being your true self, like a peacock. Peacocks are birds willing to be as beautiful and stunning as they are and not care. They shamelessly show up as themselves and do not change for the sake of others. What if we were like peacocks. Listen to Dr. Heer share gems in choosing and becoming your true self.

On today’s podcast:

– What if you shared your beauty shamelessly?
– What if you didn’t live for people’s judgments, but only for you?
– What if your life was no longer based on judgment?
– What if we didn’t take ourselves and other people seriously?
– How would I like to create yourself today?
– If you were truly creating your life or reality today, what would you choose right away?
– What can I be today to create the future I desire?


Pragmatic Made Pragmatic Course
– Dain Heer’s story

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  2. Susanna Mittermaier says:

    Hi Laurina!
    There is a lot to learn on about it or the podcasts, the books and of course the classes!

  3. Laurina B Pane says:

    I like to lear more about pragmatic psychology

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