Being Great When Others Need You to be Limited

Understanding is one of the greatest limitations we have.

This week, Susanna questions if we’re pretending to be a part of a reality that isn’t ours and if we are the source of our own limitations. Sometimes we allow others to dictate our limits, but we must stop getting in our own way by choosing what we allow to limit us. Listen to Susanna bring up true questions that can help create a new space of possibilities.

On today’s podcast:

– Where are you pretending that you are part of the insanity of this reality of this world when you’re actually not?
– What is true for you?
– Am I going to choose the greatness of me?
– Are you allowing other people to be the source of your limitations?
– How much more choice do you have realizing that it’s actually you who is limiting you?
– Are those limitations actually true to you?

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  1. Brenda Joyce Addison says:

    Thankyou for this it was very helpful the words & the energy x

  2. Elena Maria Zappia says:

    Thank you Susanna…. Yes I’m very inspirrd from you….. Always ! You are the Sun !

  3. ReVaH says:

    Thank you Susanna! I find myself struggling with my family. I appreciate this new way of looking at life

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