Are You Willing To Be A Pragmatic Futurist?

What if you and your business could be a contribution to creating a world that you would actually like to live in, as well as providing the flow of abundance that you desire?  What could you bring into your world. and what could you choose for that to actualise?

A pragmatic futurist creates a business that is a contribution to themselves, the world and the future.   It’s about making the best choices for a greater future for everyone.

Most people create a business that is about immediate and consistent results and focusing on how their choices will make profit.  Thanks to capitalism, profits have become the end game of this reality.  Have you ever stopped to wonder if there was a greater possibility with business beyond the need to work for profit?

What if you truly didn’t need to be stuck in the order and consistency of results and profit, and allow the chaos of infinite possibilities for yourself and your business? Being a pragmatic futurist is about asking the questions that will bring about greater possibilities than you ever imagined, outside of the constructs of the reality that you are currently choosing.

When you make a choice for your business from the point of view of what it will look like and whether it will pay off, you automatically create stress.  Everyone has to work hard to create the goal and if the goal doesn’t pay off, then someone is usually to blame.  This creates an energy of wrongness, and stress for the company and for the employees making it difficult to acknowledge any other potential for creation.

Wouldn’t it be way more joy to live in a world where instead of fighting for profits, companies contributed to the future of the planet, creating a constant momentum of abundance?  Instead of asking how your choices could make a profit, you could try asking – what is it actually that this company could create for the world?  Because when you Include the whole world in everything you’re creating, the playground of possibility becomes way bigger.   And when you include the whole world in what you are creating, your level of receiving also becomes greater.

When you have a fixed point of view of what needs to be done and how everything is supposed to look, then everything that doesn’t match that point of view has to be wrong.  If you don’t have a point of view that it should look a certain way, then everything that shows up that doesn’t match that point of view, could actually contribute to you and your business.  You have to be willing to receive more than you have concluded is possible.

The willingness to be a pragmatic futurist, and be present with every question and every choice, is the first step to creating your future.  The next step is to get out of the point of view of what that is supposed to look like.  A great question to start with is What contribution can my business be to me and the world to create sustainable future on the planet?

“When you are willing to be so present that you start to sense the essence of what your choices are creating as the future, this is when your life becomes something more joyful and sustainable. and you become the invitation to a greater choice for everyone.”

Build your business in a unique way.  If you could blank out your future and any point of view you have of what it looks like, and be pragmatic about what you are today, this would allow you to receive and invite what you didn’t even know was possible.   Being Pragmatic means – doing what works.  Don’t do what you think is the right thing to do.  Trust your awareness about what actually works.  Ask yourself what actually works for YOU.

If you are still sitting on the fence about what kind of business you’d like to create ask yourself – If I create my business, what future will I create?  If it brings up enthusiasm and joy, then somewhere in your universe you have a knowing that you are a gift to the world.    Celebrate and cherish that knowing instead of going into the ordered point of view that most people will impel on you about how it’s supposed to look.

Be willing to ask yourself what gifts you have that will contribute to the planet and sense the playground of creation that you have available to you.  Others who have order will tell you to be careful or find all the reasons why you shouldn’t.  Celebrate your own enthusiasm instead of going to the rightness of other people’s opinions, because enthusiasm sells.

For many people, it’s a difficult concept to get that they are actually a contribution to the future.  When you acknowledge that your choices create, and that whatever you are selling is creating a future and that that is valuable, then you become more enthusiastic about the possibilities, not just for you and your business, but for the world.

Being a pragmatic futurist is about creating a future that you would like to see on this planet.  It is just a choice.  Get out of projections and expectations, and rights and wrongs and pragmatically create your future to invite so much more into your present reality.

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