Are You Making People Relevant?

Being upset is a choice.

Many times, we make a situation more valuable and powerful than us by getting upset. This episode, Susanna explores why we make situations so relevant to us and how to stop giving power to the wrong energy. Are our point-of-views misplaced in anger?

On today’s podcast:

– Why am I making this relevant and what is really relevant for me?
– What is it about the person or situation that is making me upset?
– What choice am I not making that will allow me more freedom than I could handle?
– What choice could I make that would allow me to have more freedom than I can handle?
– Are you really willing to have freedom and ease, or are you willing to have a little bit more freedom and ease than other people?
– How much are you controlling your life so you’re not too different?

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know!

    Great idea! There is always more to talk about ” Being Different”


  2. Marita Morgan says:

    This is so so perfect and love your timing!,!!!!!!!

    Would you be able to do a podcast on Being Different? What does that really mean? (Maybe you did one already😘😉

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