Are you committed to your life?

“Welcome to this reality! You have landed! Now you get to start your life sentence on planet earth where you get all the limitations from all life times installed in your new body for free plus you get to enjoy everybody else´s limitations and constantly confuse them with you. Enjoy your time here, when you are done, we will take your body and you can start all over again. “

How many times have you regretted coming to this planet and the choice to have a body, wondering what insane sidestep you must have taken for torturing yourself with this reality, judging your body as the prison that keeps you being here, trying to find ways out.

One of the ways people try to get out, is by creating mental illness. It’s a great way to get people off one´s back and make them your slave at the same time. “Look how crazy I am! Are you sure you want to have anything to do with me?” Or “I am so troubled, now you have to help me, because I can’t do that for myself.”

How much of mental illness is resisting this reality and at the same time creating a need of it? … Japp… A lot! The symptoms of mental illness, whatever they are anxiety, depression, bipolar, panic, phobia, etc. are a bastardsation of awareness. Every time you are aware of something and not acknowledge it and think that there is something wrong with you, you make this reality more valuable than you.

What invention are you using to create the need of the constant wrongness of you are you choosing?

Is it all real to you, that you create that need of constant wrongness. The very thing you hate, you create. People think that they need their wrongness. How else would they be able to live in this world? The gold of this reality is the need of rightness and the need of wrongness. The alchemist that changes this is you, by committing to your reality.

Mental illness is a commitment to everything that is not you and the need to be wrong in order to be right about the wrongness of being a misfit.

Your awareness is the treasure box you are not willing to have and keep calling bad feelings or disturbing thoughts.

Yesterday I was talking with a client, whose husband loves fighting. She said that she used to make herself so wrong for not being able to have ease with him being the way he is and for not being able to change her marriage. Her point of view was, because she has done so many classes by now, she should have what it takes to have this situation be different. With a big smile on her face she said, “I just realized, I had the constant need of being wrong, being so right in my wrongness. With that point of view, I could not see the simplest thing … the fact that he has no desire to change. He loves his anger and I can be in allowance of it and the best thing of all… I don’t need to be angry or sad…. I can be happy …. That might make him a bit more angry… but how funny is that… When I was a kid, I could laugh about what is going on in this reality, then I was made wrong for that by angry people. Happiness and joy are so real to me, I will honor this now.”

What if the things that you and your body are aware of in every moment, is the playground you have not chosen yet- the commitment to your colorful reality.

“Welcome to your reality, thank you for committing. Now the grand and glorious adventure of you being you and creating what you truly desire begins! Do not bother buckling up, the ride will be bumpy and you will discover what other only dream of.”

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