Allowing Chaos

What choice can you make today that creates the future you desire right away?

The whole world is changing in every area of our lives. So many people are discussing what’s right, wrong, good, and bad, but is this really what creates our future?

Listen to learn how you can use your time and your energy to move forward without judgements.

On today’s podcast:

– How much time are you using to make sure you’re not wrong?
– What is really possible beyond the world of judgements?
– What do you desire as your future that you have not yet chosen?
– Are you a need detective?
– How much of your life is based on ease, joy, possibilities, space, and lightness?
– What life is fun for you?


– Interesting Point of View I have this Point of View

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  1. Susanna Mittermaier says:

    so welcome, Emma!

  2. Emma Spruce says:

    Thank you xxxx

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