Access Your Superpowers

Superpowers are everywhere where you’re willing to be different.

Susanna talks about the superpowers that usually aren’t talking about including happiness, joy, humor and choice. If you’re truly happy and living in your power, you don’t care about people’s judgement.

Listen to Susanna share how to live in your superpower and how to receive them.

On today’s podcast:

– What if you choose to receive more admiration?
– How much are you inventing problems to be normal?
– What could you be that you’re refusing to be that would open up a world of possibilities you can’t control?
– How much of your greatness are you refusing and holding back because you would be too different?
– What if you turn up your humor?
– Are you willing to be contagious with your differences?

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  1. Sonja Petersen says:

    Liebe Susanna,

    Wow toll 🤩 so passend und beitragend für mich heute . Danke dir für deine Sein, deine Leichtigkeit und deine Inspirationen.
    A happy day 🤗😘 Sonja

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